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Productivity Increase

Productivity Increase
The Problem
In the past when operating night shifts, the client had no problems. All production requirements were normally completed prior to the shift change. Over the last three months however, night shift quotas were not being met and costs of materials for good output achieved had increased dramatically.

The Investigative Solution
Simply enough, what had to be determined is what was happening at night and how was that different from what was happening before. An undercover operative from The Investigators Group Inc. was deployed. It was discovered that the nighttime supervisor was directing some employees to construct product of his own that had not been authorized for production. This product used the client's materials and time to manufacture the items. The product was later removed from the plant through the garbage bins. This was reported to the client who asked that sufficient evidence be gathered to pursue criminal charges against the supervisor. Surveillance support was assigned and the supervisor was later observed returning to the plant and removing the product from the garbage dumpster. The supervisor was arrested and the police were called to continue the arrest.

The Result
The supervisor was terminated from his position other employees that were assisting him were given written warnings and the night shift returned to normal operations.


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