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Asset Protection

Asset Protection
The Problem
Recently, an engineering client was unable to gain contracts, all their bids being rejected. Management suspected that in some manner, information regarding the details of their bids was being disclosed to competitors prior to the bid submission.

The Investigative Solution
Management had no suspects. All persons who had access to the bid information were long term and trusted employees. A number of investigative avenues were pursued including the surveillance of a number of engineers involved in the project nothing of interest came to light. A pretext bid from a fictional company was developed, when the proposal was complete, individual copies were sent to each of the persons involved in the project. Each copy contained different bid and pricing information. Eventually bids were received by the fictional company from our client's competitor who had beaten them on a number of recent bids. By identifying the pricing and other strategic information in the bid, we were able to identify the source of the leak, a senior engineer responsible for proofing all bids. We placed this person under surveillance over a number of weeks, in order to document who he was meeting with etc. As it turned out, when the engineer attended pick up hockey games, persons were entering his vehicle where they would go through his briefcase and photograph documents.

The Result
The engineer was instructed in proper security procedures, and disciplined for not following established procedure regarding confidential and proprietary information. The competitor, caught red handed, was willing to negotiate a settlement with the client.


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