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Risk & Liability Management

Risk & Liability Management
The Problem
The HR department at a large distribution facility had received a number of reports regarding drug and alcohol abuse on the evening shift. Supervisors were asked to document any indication of those occurrences. Unfortunately, those involved in the drug and alcohol abuse were sufficiently adept at avoiding the supervisor's attention.

The Investigative solution
We established the presence of an undercover operative on the shift. The UC was equipped with extremely covert video documentation capabilities.

The Result
The investigator after a period was able to gain the trust and acceptance of others workers and was soon in a position to document through video, his own observations and contemporaneous notes, who was responsible for the use and sale of drugs and alcohol at the site. In fact, so many people were involved that HR had a new problem in how to deal with so many people at once.

When the behavior or managers, supervisors or workers is inconsistent with the goals of the company there is an Investigative Solution available. The time to choose an appropriate vendor that can provide you with these Investigative Solutions is before you are experiencing problems. Why not call us today for a free consultation we would be glad to visit your facility, learn about the challenges you company faces and offer you our advice and let you get to know a little about The Investigators Group and how we might be able to assist you.


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