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Surveillance in the Age of Technology

Surveillance in the Age of Technology

Surveillance in the Age of Technology

In our technology rich age of security cameras, internet, social media, Google, spyware, GPS and more, one may wonder why private investigators are needed for physical surveillance and monitoring.  The world of private investigation in fact now utilizes advanced technology. 

There are many reasons for use of private investigation and surveillance services.  For example, insurance companies may wish to carry out surveillance on individuals, usually in claims related to injury.  It is the job of the private investigator to provide an accurate report so that the information can then be relied on and upheld in a court of law.  Private investigators can also be used to investigate accident scenes, take statements, perform audits, locate individuals and do financial or background checks.

The demand and uses for technology continue to grow and each investigation will start with some form of technology due diligence, whether online or database searches.  A private investigator will utilize many technology sources as part of their investigative tools.   However, privacy laws and practices have reduced what records are available and greater consumer awareness to opting out of sharing personal information limits what records are available.  Therefore, private investigators who can perform physical surveillance and are also technologically savvy will remain competitive in today’s investigation industry.

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by By Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc.
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