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News and Articles

News and Articles
  • The Great TTC Fraud by Michael Lista
    Originally published in TORONTO LIFE

    The Great TTC Fraud

    For years, hundreds of TTC staff scammed the employee health care plan and pocketed millions. The true story of the fraud, the investigation, and the lives left in ruins and how The Investigators G

  • Corporate Security and Executive Protection by

    Corporate security is often associated with uniformed security guards.  But not all situations may require the visible deterrent that a security uniform provides.  In some situations, a security team is one that works behind the scenes to secure property, asset(s), person(s) or an event.

    When we are tasked w

  • Surveillance in the Age of Technology by By Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc.
    You can contact Sean via email at

    In our technology rich age of security cameras, internet, social media, Google, spyware, GPS and more, one may wonder why private investigators are needed for physical surveillance and monitoring.  The world of private investigation in fact now utilizes advanced technology. 

    There are many reasons for use

  • Workplace Investigation when dealing with Employee Fraud or misconduct by Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc.

    employee theftAn employer faced with an issue involving employee theft or fraud will often wish to act quickly to terminate the employee but before takin

  • Background Checks and Investigations by Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc.


    Background checks such as employment, criminal, credit history or education are a common request made by employers to prospective employees.  Private investigation firms are often asked to perform background checks for these reasons.  However, private investigators can also perform more substantial ba


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