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Insurance and Legal

Insurance and Legal

As an insurance or legal professional, you are a sophisticated user of private investigators. So why use The Investigators Group?  Because we are committed to providing the best Investigative Solution.

The Investigators Group Inc.'s investigative teams are recognized as one of the best in the industry, providing the best Investigative Solution for insurance claims, WSIB matters and litigation support. Our commitment to delivering the best Investigative Solution includes the following: 

        • proprietary reporting system
        • investment in technology
        • consistent and timely reports of investigative assignments
        • sophisticated reporting and file management system that allows us to help insurers better control costs

The Investigators Group is committed to customer service.  You will never hear the phone ring more than 3 times during business hours and a real person will always answer the telephone.  Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario we provide useful and timely private investigations and surveillance services. We specialize in insurance and corporate fraud.

When you choose The Investigators Group, you are choosing a company you can rely on.  Case after case, we have earned the reputation as the investigation company that gets the job done right the first time.  Our investigators are long-term employees and at The Investigators Group, we have the lowest turnover of investigative staff of any company in the industry. Why? Because we treat our investigators well and respect the difficult work that they do.

Your team, consisting of management, support staff and investigator, will work with you to provide the best Investigative Solution for your needs and with one goal in mind: To complete each assignment in the best interests of the client.   If you are ready to build a relationship with a professional firm of investigators who will include you as a partner in the successful outcome of each investigative assignment through prompt and professional communication and honesty, then contact The Investigators Group now and see for yourself how we can make a difference.

We Have Expertise in:

  • Corporate Surveillance

  • Sales Person Effectiveness

  • Safety Compliance

  • Electronic Counter Measures

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Labour Dispute Support for Injunctive Relief (and surveillance)

  • Compliance Investigations

  • Assistance With Anton Pillar and other Court Orders

  • Assistance With Norwhich Orders and Mareva Injunctions

  • Commercial Fraud Investigations

  • Theft investigations

  • Witness Interviews / (Soft Interrogations)

  • Witness Locates

  • Witness / Claimant Statements

  • Forensic Services

  • Patent and Trade Mark Infringement Investigations

  • Clinic Inspections AB Claims

  • Service provider Statements'

  • Employment Confirmations

  • Undercover Operations

  • Due Diligence Investigations and Analysis


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