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Security Personnel

Professionally Trained Uniformed Security  •  Guards  •  Building and Site Patrol  •  Physical Deterrent Security  •  All Security Applications  •  Accurate Reporting  •  Emergency 24-Hour Response 

Security Services  

The Investigators Group Inc. Security Services provides professionally trained uniformed security guards to assist you in securing your property and your personnel. Our officers have experience in office, construction, retail, condominium, neighborhood and event security.  Security consultants can also provide clients with physical security audits for warehouse, office and work site and assist clients in the assessment of current security measures and to recommend, where applicable, improvements.  

Security consultants work closely with investigative consultants to ensure that in addition to property, your information is also secure. Our security guards are also trained to work in retail environments to provide a physical deterrent to shop theft.

We pride ourselves on accurate and useful reporting, allowing our clients to assess on a regular basis, both changes in the security environment and in the effectiveness of their security program.


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