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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

At The Investigators Group, we are aware of the changing landscape of respect in the workplace including occupational health and safety and harassment and discrimination.  Reports of workplace harassment have been increasing in recent years, coupled with the expanded legislation, at IGI, we understand the challenges faced by our clients in managing its employees and their need for human resource investigative services.   

With IGI, you will have the convenience of dealing with one company whose professional team are experienced and skilled consultants in all areas of workplace investigations.   Our team includes consultants who are accredited investigators in the area of workplace harassment, sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence.  Our consultants include legal experts and former law enforcement with experience working with various government agencies in both Canada and the United States. 

Statement Taking & Employee Interviews

Interviews are often necessary to establish responsibility and liability. They must be conducted by only the most experienced investigators as they always risk presenting morale, labour and litigation claims. The use of statements are subject to a wide array of scrutiny in the Criminal and Civil courts; cautions and employment standards are the cornerstone of the successful use of statements in the court and before other bodies. Our Senior investigators have been conducting these types of interviews for many years to the satisfaction of retail and corporate clients, law enforcement agencies and the courts.



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