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Employers can conduct surveillance using tools such as a swipe-card system, which data can be used for time-management and disciplinary purposes, or cameras.
I have seen first-hand how fraud can be harmful to a company’s reputation and brand.  Engaging in a fraud investigation is difficult and can erode the trust and morale of employees and raise questions and concerns to your outside relationships, customers, suppliers and even prospective employees.  That is why before engaging in any investigation, I will ensure that I explain to the client the investigation process, the potential scope and risks, and care is taken in planning the execution and timing of any investigation.
We are often contacted by clients who need investigative services relating to a litigation matter and need us to conduct research or uncover facts that they may or may not wish to disclose in the litigation. Records such as witness statements, expert opinions, and investigation report are types of records where the question of litigation...
A written Code of Conduct should be part of every company’s compliance program which program should include an effective internal reporting system to encourage employees to report misconduct.
The Ontario government continues to enforce its zero-tolerance workplace safety inspections in certain sectors and in regions hardest hit by COVID-19. Businesses including warehouses, food processors, manufacturers, retail outlets and big-box stores will expect to be targeted by this enforcement effort.
Conducting a workplace investigation during a pandemic appears to have some benefits and challenges. This article will explore just a few of the advantages and disadvantages our team of investigators have encountered while conducting investigation interviews virtually.
The COVD-19 pandemic has altered the ways in which companies of all sizes operate. These changes provide organizations with unprecedented challenges, one of which includes the monitoring, prevention, and training of workplace harassment. Despite working from the comfort of one’s own home, harassment and bullying can still exist amongst employees and employers.
Workplace harassment is devastating. We are now beginning to understand the damage it causes to its victims. It is critical that employers put all measures in place to avoid an incident of workplace harassment.
An employer faced with an issue involving employee theft or fraud will often wish to act quickly to terminate the employee but before taking any steps, a proper workplace investigation should be conducted. Certainly, once an employer becomes aware of the fraud, they may find that they may have a requirement to act under their...
Companies have great responsibilities with respect to health and safety in the workplace. Here are the top 5 actions a company should take in response to a reported workplace violation.....
As of January 1, 2021, federally regulated organizations are required to implement and introduce a number of significant changes to address workplace harassment and violence in the workplace. The new changes were introduced by the Canadian government in June 2020, as the Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations (“the Regulations”).
Background checks such as employment, criminal, credit history or education are a common request made by employers to prospective employees. Private investigation firms are often asked to perform background checks for these reasons. However, private investigators can also perform more substantial background investigations, for example: to assist companies to determine if a particular employee...
In our technology rich age of security cameras, internet, social media, Google, spyware, GPS and more, one may wonder why private investigators are needed for physical surveillance and monitoring. The world of private investigation in fact now utilizes advanced technology. There are many reasons for use of private investigation and surveillance services. For example, insurance companies may wish…
We are often asked to comment on whether the use of surveillance is permitted under applicable privacy legislation and to address concerns that surveillance by a private investigator infringes on a subject’s privacy. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has recognized that an organization may be justified in undertaking surveillance on an individual under appropriate...

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