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Private Investigator Toronto and GTA - Industries Served

Insurance Investigation Solutions

Top private investigators will investigate organized fraud against insurers or their group clients to save insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Corporate Surveillance Solutions

Private security and investigative services team can provide workplace investigations and consulting to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Government & Public Sector Investigations

Top private investigators provide services to solve the unique challenges faced by various levels of government, not-for-profit entities and self-regulated organizations.

Legal Support

Private investigative services team conduct investigations in areas including criminal and civil investigations, insurance and personal injury, workers' compensation claims, family and child custody proceedings.

The Investigators Group Provides Essential Security Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As an essential services security provider, IGI is working with businesses, food manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets to ensure that health and safety measures are in effect in support of maintaining the operation of critical infrastructure and services. 


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Who we are

The Investigators Group is a private investigation and security firm headquartered in Toronto with over 25 years of experience providing private investigation, workplace investigations and security services. 


Although based in Toronto, The Investigators Group's professionals work across Ontario and as needed across Canada.


Our firm will provide licensed private investigators and security guards for all your private investigation and security needs. We have legal and human resource specialists for your workplace harassment and misconduct investigation.


The Investigators Group specializes in insurance and corporate investigations, workplace investigations, loss prevention, retail investigations and security, security consulting, litigation support, and human resources support. 


Our clients include corporations, insurance companies, retailers, manufacturers, government, lawyers and many more. Our investigative services include private investigation, surveillance, background searches, statement taking and interview and asset protection.


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Where We Work – Private Investigators Toronto

The Investigators Group is based in Toronto where our top private investigators currently service this city and surrounding areas.


Our convenient location makes our team of private investigators accessible and readily available to help you with your needs.


We also have private security and investigative service professionals across Ontario and the rest of Canada.


Our network of private investigator professionals is far-reaching to support our comprehensive services.


Don't be limited by your location, hire one of our top private investigators for your local or national needs.


Our private investigators serve Toronto, Ontario and the rest of Canada.


Key Services - Private Investigators Toronto 

The Investigators Group provides a variety of corporate and private investigative services using top private investigators for your unique needs:


Hire Private Investigators for Workplace Investigations

Use a private investigator in Toronto to gather reliable evidence and complete fact finding, workplace harassment and violence, policy development and training support, to conduct comprehensive background screenings, and employee background screenings and references.


Hire Private Investigators for Security

Use a private investigator in Toronto to provide security services and consulting, electronic and covert security, and uniformed security services.


Hire Private Investigators for Loss Prevention

Use a private investigator in Toronto to detect internal theft, setup covert security cameras, conduct integrity testing, provide retail operations, civil recovery programs, and statement taking/employee interviews, in-store investigations.


The Investigators Group has all the investigative solutions to meet your needs.


Hire a Private Investigator Toronto


The Investigator Group is at the top of the industry, offering the best private security and investigative solutions for your unique needs.


We’re ready to help you with your private investigator needs, anytime, anywhere.


Discover the real results the Investigators Group has achieved for our clients that make us the top private investigators in the industry.


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Our Competitive Advantage


The Investigators Group has a strong competitive advantage with top private investigators in the industry, ready to put your needs first:

Client Service is our Priority

We remain accessible to our clients 24/7 in the case of emergency services. We report in a timely fashion working with you as a trusted partner towards your Investigative Solution.  The Investigators Group is committed to integrity, professionalism and customer service.

We understand the challenges you face in running your business, the need to minimize disruptions, the need to make informed decisions, minimize risk and minimize reputational damage.  That is why The Investigators Group ensures that you will work directly with a senior leadership executive who will manage the professionals on your assigned team.  

We focus on being experts in investigations and security and being the best private investigators, workplace investigators and security experts for our clients. There’s a reason why our clients frequently come back. We are capable of handling complex and sensitive investigations and assignments.  

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Single Point of Contact

Our commitment to providing the best Investigative Solution means that you have a trusted investigation services team who will assist you in your investigation, risk assessment and mitigation, security, workplace complaint and background screening.  With a single point of contact, we can help you act swiftly and work with you to minimize impact on your business operations. 

You deal directly with a senior leadership executive and we will assign you a working group.  Our team is comprised of licensed private investigators, former police detectives and police officers, licensed security professionals, human resources specialists and legal consultants. 

As well as offering investigations and security services, The Investigators Group offers background screening in an easy and efficient process using our proprietary, fully secure reporting system, advanced technology and equipment. Through our affiliate PRE-Check, we provide background investigation services.

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Established in 1995, The Investigators Group is the best choice for Investigative Solutions.