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investigations for government entities; investigations for not-for-profit entities; workplace harassment investigations; we assist many public regulatory agencies with their workplace investigations

Government and Public Organizations

The Investigators Group has provided services for various levels of government, not-for-profit entities and self-regulated organizations. As such, we have the experience required to navigate the unique challenges faced by these organizations. Our team of professionals and private investigators provide investigative services ranging from fraud, theft and compliance issues and workplace investigations. 

The Investigators Group team of private, corporate and workplace investigators provides organizations with a trusted investigation services team who will assist in all types of investigations, investigative services, risk assessment and mitigation, security, workplace complaint and background screening. 

We provide our government and public organization clients with clear and transparent processes & framework of the investigation from engagement through to the final report and we work diligently and professionally to deliver satisfaction to our clients. 


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The Investigators Group have assisted many government organizations, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations investigate their complaints of workplace harassments and bullying. The Investigators Group have several senior investigators who are experienced investigating workplace harassment, sexual harassment and bullying claims. In one recent investigation, The Investigators Group investigated allegations of bullying, harassment and reprisal made by a junior staffer against his manager. The investigation highlighted the importance of remedial actions and training. The Investigators Group will provide an objective, third-party investigation, appropriate in the circumstances to help all organizations meet their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our confidential and thorough investigations assist all organizations when they are in need.


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