Security Services

Retail, Commercial and Residential Services

The Investigators Group provides security services and consulting to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Our services include: 

Security Services

Our team of officers have experience in a variety of security services ranging from building, construction site, and neighborhood security, to retail, executive, and undercover security services. Our uniformed and tactical security teams provide physical security to protect your assets, property and people.

Security Consulting

Our experienced security consultants provide in-depth audits and recommendations for various environments including warehouses, offices, retail spaces, work sites, and more. We collaborate with investigative consultants to ensure your information in addition to your physical spaces are secure.

Electronic and Covert Security

Our security team specializes in covert electronic security measures including CCTV camera systems, GPS tracking systems, and electronic counter measures. Our team has experience assisting clients in investigations where covert operations are required including corporate environments.


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