Private Investigation Services

investigations related to activity and wellness investigations, confirmation of employment searches, and surveillance; background searches and property searches; finding missing persons and assets

Family and Asset Investigations

The Investigators Group can assist individuals with investigations related to activity and wellness investigations, confirmation of employment searches, and surveillance for a variety of needs. We can assist in locating a person and searching property records. Our investigators can also assist in asset searches and evidence gathering.

Our team of private investigators are experienced both in the field and in a courtroom and are regularly called upon to provide witness and expert testimony in court proceedings. Our private investigators are experienced in all aspects of covert surveillance using all methods including by vehicle, foot, fixed and traveling.  

The Investigators Group's experienced private investigators are experts at gathering reliable, defensible and relevant evidence. 


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Concerns regarding eldercare fraud and financial exploitation of a loved one can be paralyzing.

The Investigators Group have helped families investigate situations where the family has concern that their older family member may be financially exploited. By using a wide variety of investigative solutions and tools, The Investigators Group are able to help families to gather the evidence they require to protect their older family member. Call us today to find out how we may be of assistance.


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Admissibility of Surveillance Evidence

A licensed private investigator is trained in investigative techniques and must understand the procedural steps required to be followed in order for video surveillance to be admissible.


Surveillance by Employers

Employers can conduct surveillance using tools such as a swipe-card system, which data can be used for time-management and disciplinary purposes, or cameras.


Protecting your Business against Fraud

I have seen first-hand how fraud can be harmful to a company’s reputation and brand.  Engaging in a fraud investigation is difficult and can erode the trust and morale of employees and raise questions and concerns to your outside relationships, customers, suppliers and even prospective employees.  That is why before engaging in any investigation, I will ensure that I explain to the client the investigation process, the potential scope and risks, and care is taken in planning the execution and timing of any investigation.