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Experienced and Professional Investigators to handle any sensitive or complex investigation. 
Our investigative services include:

  • Insurance Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Legal Support
  • Government and Public Organizations
  • Family and Asset Investigations
  • Retail & Manufacturing Investigations


Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud and health/benefits fraud cost insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars each year.  The Investigators Group works extensively with claim examiners, adjusters and legal specialists to help investigate and assess claims. Our services include investigation into fraud related to medical treatments, workers' compensation,  life and health investigations, accident benefits investigations and property & casualty claims.   

The Investigators Group's licensed private investigators are the most highly skilled in the industry.  We have assisted clients with specialized investigations including undercover investigations and our professionals are adept at utilizing skilled investigation techniques including surveillance, video and photography evidence, witness interviews and statements.  Our professionals are industry specialists who understand the need for integrity, confidentiality, and continuity within an investigation.

We have experience with complex investigations and those requiring multiple investigators.  We are able to conduct background checks and have the ability to leverage multiple resources as needed. 

Corporate Investigations

With the appropriate information, all business problems are solvable. Our experienced team of professionals and investigators will help to develop the Investigative Solution to protect your assets, limit your exposure to liabilities and protect the value of your business. We have helped companies to enhance productivity and bottom line earnings while reducing risk and limit unforeseen costs.

The Investigators Group will assist with your investigation, risk assessment and mitigation, security, workplace complaint and background screening.  Our breadth of investigation services include due diligence, background screening, criminal and fraud investigations. We also assist clients needing specialized services during labour disputes or during labour disruptions.  We are specialists at conducting workplace bullying, harassment and misconduct investigations. 

We develop Investigative Solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. Our team is comprised of licensed private investigators, former police detectives and police officers, licensed security professionals, human resources specialists and legal consultants.

Legal Support

The Investigators Group team are a diverse team of professionals and subject matter experts with experience in a multitude of areas including criminal and civil investigations, insurance and personal injury, workers' compensation claims, family and child custody proceedings.

The Investigators Group team of private, corporate and workplace investigators are experienced both in the field and in a courtroom and are regularly called upon to provide witness and expert testimony in court proceedings. We have been called on many times to give evidence and we have assisted numerous legal professionals in complex litigation matters in all areas of law including commercial, civil, family, wills and estates. We also have experience in executing Mareva Injunctions & Anton Piller Orders.

Our team are able to provide expertise and services that include:  background searches; locating persons; statement and evidence gathering; surveillance; private investigations; and service of documents and litigation support.

Government and Public Organizations

The Investigators Group has provided services for various levels of government, not-for-profit entities and self-regulated organizations. As such, we have the experience required to navigate the unique challenges faced by these organizations. Our team of professionals and private investigators provide investigative services ranging from fraud, theft and compliance issues and workplace investigations. 

The Investigators Group team of private, corporate and workplace investigators provides organizations with a trusted investigation services team who will assist in all types of investigations, surveillance, risk assessment and mitigation, security, workplace complaint and background screening. 

We provide our government and public organization clients with clear and transparent process & framework of the investigation from engagement through to the final report and we work diligently and professionally to deliver satisfaction to our clients. 

Family and Asset Investigations

The Investigators Group can assist individuals with investigations related to activity and wellness investigations, confirmation of employment searches, and surveillance for a variety of needs. We can assist in locating a person and searching property records. Our investigators can also assist in asset searches and evidence gathering.

Our team of private investigators are experienced both in the field and in a courtroom and are regularly called upon to provide witness and expert testimony in court proceedings. Our private investigators are experienced in all aspects of covert surveillance using all methods including by vehicle, foot, fixed and traveling.  

The Investigators Group's experienced private investigators are experts at gathering reliable, defensible and relevant evidence. 

Retail and Manufacturing Investigations

The Investigators Group retail intelligence and private and security investigations division provides services to retail, manufacturing, warehouse and industrial clients. These services include internal theft deterrent programs, undercover intelligence, in-store security and monitoring, integrity testing, audits and a civil recovery program. 

Retail theft is a widespread issue and often compete for the from law enforcement with other crimes.  It is for this reason that The Investigators Group offers loss prevention services, loss prevention officers whose primary function is to protect assets and reduce liability.  

The Investigators Group provides services to support a proactive strategy to deter retail theft and protect profits.  Our private investigators, licensed security guards and loss prevention officers are trained to work effectively in a retail environment and help deter crime. 

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