Investigation Services

Investigative Solutions

Experienced and Professional Investigators to handle any sensitive or complex investigation. 
Our investigative services include:

Insurance Investigation

Investigators Group will work with you to investigate suspected fraudulent insurance claims. Our insurance investigation services cover a wide range of investigations from worker's compensation to casualty claims. Our team of private investigators has experience with complex investigations, conducting background checks and more.

Corporate Investigations

Our experienced team of licensed investigators, security professionals, HR specialists and legal consultants can assist with all of your corporate investigation needs. Investigators Group can assist with risk assessment and mitigation, criminal and fraud investigations to workplace complaints, harassment and bullying and more.

Legal Support

The Investigators Group team are a diverse team of professionals and subject matter experts with experience in a multitude of areas including criminal and civil investigations, insurance and personal injury, workers' compensation claims, family and child custody proceedings.

Government and Public Organizations

The Investigators Group has provided services for various levels of government, not-for-profit entities and self-regulated organizations. As such, we have the experience required to navigate the unique challenges faced by these organizations.

Family and Asset Investigations

The Investigators Group can assist individuals with investigations related to activity and wellness investigations, confirmation of employment searches, and surveillance for a variety of needs.

Retail and Manufacturing Investigations

The Investigators Group retail intelligence and private and security investigations division provides services to retail, manufacturing, warehouse and industrial clients.


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