Loss Prevention Services

Specialized Asset Protection

The Investigators Group experienced and professional Investigators provides retailers resources and expertise in loss prevention. Whether your concern is shoplifting, employee theft and fraud, or organized crime, we can help protect your profit and assets through proactive strategies.
Our loss prevention and retail investigative services include:

Loss Prevention Officers

Our team of loss prevention officers are specially trained to identify and apprehend shoplifters and conduct lawful arrests in the retail environment.

Internal Theft Deterrent Programs

Our investigation team works with multi-unit businesses and franchise dealer retail operations to offer services to help mitigate loss as a result of internal theft. Our senior team conducts impromptu audits and inspections while providing work in progress reports and more.

Retail Intelligence Operations

Our experienced undercover investigators are trained in retail, merchandising, and warehouse/distributions applications. This training paired with their working knowledge of retail operations, hiring, training principles and standards enables our team to be successful in retail intelligence operations.

Covert Camera Installations

Our security and investigations team is experienced in handling applications and investigations requiring the use of covert cameras. We have the expertise to discreetly install cameras for various applications including capturing evidence, addressing staff issues, and more.

Civil Recovery Program

We offer a civil recovery program for retailers. This program provides civil remedy, reducing the overall costs of a Loss Prevention program. Our partner civil recovery agencies are able to deliver the initial demand within 3 business days of an arrest, handle all communications, settlements, and more.

Integrity Testing

Our experienced loss prevention team offers discrete integrity testing of retail staff. Our integrity testing helps identify theft and refund manipulations. We provide detail reports, video recording services if and when necessary as well support from senior investigators at follow-up staff meetings as needed.

Statement Taking/Employee Interviews

Our senior investigators are experienced in conducting interviews statement taking. Our investigators collect statements that are aligned with employment standards and stand-up in Criminal and Civil courts and with law enforcement agencies

In-Store Investigations

Our team of professional investigators are trained and licensed to address external theft issues. Our plainclothes investigators will work on the retail floor to apprehend, arrest and detain shoplifters and organized professional thieves.


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