Corporate Investigation Services

corporate investigations and due diligence; workplace investigations and workplace complaints; workplace harassment investigations

Full Suite of Investigation Services for all Businesses

With the appropriate information, all business problems are solvable. Our experienced team of professionals and investigators will help to develop the Investigative Solution to protect your assets, limit your exposure to liabilities and protect the value of your business. We have helped companies to enhance productivity and bottom line earnings while reducing risk and limit unforeseen costs.

The Investigators Group will assist with your investigation, risk assessment and mitigation, security, workplace complaint and background screening.  Our breadth of investigation services include due diligence, background screening, criminal and fraud investigations. We also assist clients needing specialized services during labour disputes or during labour disruptions.  We are specialists at conducting workplace bullying, harassment and misconduct investigations. 

We develop Investigative Solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. Our team is comprised of licensed private investigators, former police detectives and police officers, licensed security professionals, human resources specialists and legal consultants.


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Corporate Due Diligence

From time to time, The Investigators Group is called upon to help organizations conduct due-diligence and obtain research and intelligence. The Investigators Group will work with you to develop an investigation plan specific to your business needs. Some of the corporate investigation services that The Investigators Group can provide include, but are not limited to, background screening, executive profiling, surveillance, conducting interviews and taking statements, performing undercover assignments, and more.

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How to Choose a Private Investigator Agency in Toronto

When choosing a private investigator, we encourage you to ask questions, ensure the agency has their credentials, are respectful and have the right experience.


Hiring a Private Investigator in Canada - What You Need to Know!

Private investigators are legally allowed to provide a range of services in Canada. We can conduct corporate investigations, background checks and much more.


Admissibility of Surveillance Evidence

A licensed private investigator is trained in investigative techniques and must understand the procedural steps required to be followed in order for video surveillance to be admissible.