Workplace Investigations Toronto

Experienced and Professional Investigators to handle any sensitive or complex investigation. The Investigators Group provides workplace investigations and consulting to organizations of all sizes and industries. Our workplace investigative services include:

  • Employee Misconduct
  • Human Resources Investigations
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Workplace Harassment Complaints
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Theft and Misuse of Assets
  • Labour Dispute Management
  • Background Screening and Investigations
  • Witness Statements and Interviews

Key Services 

Experienced Consultants and Specialists

We are aware of the changing landscape in the workplace including the laws relating to occupational health and safety, harassment and discrimination. Today's employers are faced with increasing reports of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace.  Workplace legislation now imposes on employers a statutory obligation to conduct a full and transparent investigation. 

The Investigators Group team is comprised of licensed private investigators, former police detectives and police officers, licensed security professionals, human resources specialists and legal consultants and we have the investigative experience to conduct your workplace related investigations. Our team includes consultants who are accredited investigators in the area of workplace harassment, sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence. Our consultants have experience working with various government agencies in both Canada and the United States.

The Investigators Group team are highly respected and reputable.  We conduct each investigation with rigour and integrity. We ascertain the facts, focus on evidence and maintain impartiality. Our professionals are experienced in handling the complexity and sensitivities involved in workplace investigations which may involve multiple complaints involving harassment, violence, theft, fraud, or breach of company policies and code of conduct. 

Reliable Evidence Gathering and Fact Finding

Interviews are often necessary to establish responsibility and liability. They must be conducted by only the most experienced investigators as an improperly conducted interview and investigation is a liability, creating morale, labour and litigation claims.

The use of statements are subject to a wide array of scrutiny in the Criminal and Civil courts and before other regulatory bodies. Our team is comprised of licensed private investigators, former police detectives and police officers.  Our investigators have been conducting these types of interviews for many years to the satisfaction of retail and corporate clients, law enforcement agencies and the courts. 

The Investigators Group team of investigators conducts in-depth investigations while maintaining the highest standards of discretion and ethical practices and provide our clients detailed written reports including recommendations for follow up activities.

Workplace Harassment and Violence Experts

The Investigators Group are trusted experts in areas of workplace harassment and misconduct.  We have experience investigating sensitive workplace issues such as sexual assault, criminal harassment and domestic violence issues that migrate into the workplace. Our experience also includes policy breaches, anonymous complaints, and workplace health and safety incidents.

Our workplace investigators include experienced Toronto Police Services Detectives, lawyers and human resources specialists who are able to conduct thorough interviews, gather and preserve evidence and investigate workplace complaints and issues in a timely manner while minimizing business disruption. 

The Investigators Group team of workplace investigators, human resources professionals and legal consultants are experienced, independent, objective, sensitive and reputable.  We provide our clients with a clear and transparent process & framework of the investigation from engagement through to the final report and we work diligently and professionally to deliver a timely resolution so that they can get back to normal business operations. 

Policy Development and Training Support

We review our clients’ existing workplace policies and can develop policy, procedure and training programs customized to our clients’ needs. We will make recommendations for best practices moving forward for improved response to future incidents. Whether you are a corporation, university, college or non profit organization, we can provide a tailored workplace investigation to suit your requirements and your budget. 

The Investigators Group will help you conduct a workplace assessment, conduct interviews or surveys, review policies and identify areas of workplace issues, conflict or dysfunction.  Our human resources specialists and trainers can offer practical and relevant training to help you address those identified workplace practices and behaviours. 

Why not call us today for a free consultation we would be glad to visit your facility, learn about the challenges you company faces and offer you our advice and let you get to know a little about The Investigators Group and how we might be able to assist you.

Comprehensive Background Screening

We offer full-service background checks and investigations from simple screening through to comprehensive investigations. 


  • In depth background investigations for executive placements
  • Criminal Background Search
  • Identity Verification
  • Internet and Social Media Searches
  • Media Searches
  • Credit Bureau Inquiry
  • Driver Abstracts
  • Education Verification
  • Personal Property Searches
  • Real Property Searches

Employment Background Screening and References

We offer full-service background checks from simple screening through to comprehensive investigations. 

We verify employment history and professional credentials.  Our professional, thorough, timely and complete background investigations, are flexible to suit your needs. 

We will confirm references through telephone and in person interviews. We will also research the employer themselves, conducting corporate searches where required, attendance at the employer’s address, documentation of the property and employer interview with a detailed description of the applicant’s duties. 

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