Workplace Investigations

Investigation Support and Services

The Investigators Group are experts at conducting workplace investigations. Our investigators include an officer of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, an accredited sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence investigator and a lead investigator whose undercover fraud operation resulted in numerous criminal charges. We are called upon to investigate in all areas, institutional, government, corporate, educational, not-for-profit and healthcare. Our investigations are legally defensible, fact-based and impartial. Let us help you with your workplace investigation.

Experienced Consultants and Specialists

We offer workplace investigation services covering workplace harassment and discrimination, fraud, breach of policies and code of conduct, and more. Our experienced team of former police detectives, licensed investigators, security professionals, HR specialists, and legal consultants have experience working with various government agencies in Canada and the US.

Reliable Evidence Gathering and Fact Finding

Our team has experience conducting workplace investigation interviews for clients ranging from corporations, law enforcement agencies, retail clients, and the courts. Our interviews are conducted by experienced investigators and have been successfully presented before Criminal and Civil courts and other regulatory bodies. We provide detailed reports, follow-up recommendations and more.

Workplace Harassment and Violence Experts

We are a trusted team of experts with experience in workplace harassment and misconduct. We investigate sensitive workplace issues ranging from sexual assault, workplace health and safety incidents, and anyomous complaints, to issues that migrate into the workplace like criminal harassment and domestic violence. Our workplace investigators work in a timely manner, and are objective, professional, and diligent.

Policy Development and Training Support

Our human resource specialsts work with our clients to provide a variety of services to support with policy development and training. We can review existing policies, procedures and training programs or develop brand new ones, assist in addressing workplace issues through strategic workplace assessments, provide customized training and support, and more.

Comprehensive Background Screening

We offer a variety of background and reference check services ranging from confirming the qualifications of a potential hire and performing criminal background checks, to providing executive profiling and investigating, comprehensive investigations, and more. Contact us today, our experienced team of human resource professionals and investigators are ready to help.

Employment Background Screening and References

We offer a range of background checks from simple screenings to comprehensive investigations. Our team of human resource professionals and investigators can investigate potential employees for criminal convictions, poor credit history, employment or education history, violations, credit history and more.

Labour Dispute Management

The Investigators Group have assisted clients with managing labour disputes. We provide facility and asset security, video documentation, evidence gathering, operational support and assistance. We understand the importance of business continuity.

Retail & Manufacturing Investigations

The Investigators Group assists clients with fraud and theft. We have investigated internal theft of inventory, funds and time, organized crime and corporate misconduct. We work with our clients to develop an investigation plan to deal with their specific issue.

Witness Statements and Interviews

We identify, locate and interview witnesses for a variety of legal requirements. Our experienced private investigators are trained in techniques for interviews and interrogation.


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