Legal Investigation Services and Support

we provide investigation services for complex litigation matters in all areas of law including commercial, civil, family, wills and estates; we have testified in court proceedings; collect evidence and take statements; we conduct due diligence and conduct independent investigations to assist any legal matter

Private Investigation Services for Law Firms

The Investigators Group team are a diverse team of professionals and subject matter experts with experience in a multitude of areas including criminal and civil investigations, insurance and personal injury, workers' compensation claims, family and child custody proceedings.

The Investigators Group team of private, corporate and workplace investigators are experienced both in the field and in a courtroom and are regularly called upon to provide witness and expert testimony in court proceedings. We have been called on many times to give evidence and we have assisted numerous legal professionals in complex litigation matters in all areas of law including commercial, civil, family, wills and estates. We also have experience in executing Mareva Injunctions & Anton Piller Orders.

Our team are able to provide expertise and services that include:  background searches; locating persons; statement and evidence gathering; surveillance; private investigations; and service of documents and litigation support.


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Discreet and Proficient Investigations

The Investigators Group provide law firms and lawyers and their clients with investigation and research services.  These services include gathering and producing evidence, locating and/or interviewing witnesses, asset searches, conducting investigations and obtaining video and photography documentation, and more. We work with our legal clients in all areas of law and our private investigators are capable of handling all types of investigations. 

In addition, The Investigators Group has a strong team with expertise in workplace investigations related to harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. Our unbiased, third-party reports are thorough and legally defensible. The Investigators Group will provide invaluable legal support. Contact us to learn more about our services.


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