Loss Prevention Services

Our Investigators work on the retail floor, in plainclothes, to apprehend, arrest and detain shoplifters

In-Store Investigations

We provide licensed, trained, professional investigators to address your external theft issues. Investigators work on the retail floor, in plainclothes, to apprehend, arrest and detain shoplifters. Retailers must defend themselves against the small percentage of dishonest customers who enter their facility and choose to take advantage of their business. Dishonest customers can significantly cause a damaging effect on the bottom line regardless they are impulsive thieves or more organized professional thieves making a living at the retailer’s expense.

Through a program like this we will discreetly establish an attitude that theft from the store results in consequences. Through apprehension and arrests your customer base becomes aware, as a result of police presence, criminal prosecution and civil remedies, that theft is not a tolerated business expense. In addition, this type of response supports the value and strengthens the deterrent aspects of CCTV and EAS devices by demonstrating that the stores security programs are effective.


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