Background Checks and Investigations

Sean Gladney

background checkBackground checks such as employment, criminal, credit history or education are a common request made by employers to prospective employees.  Private investigation firms, such as The Investigators Group Inc. (IGI), are often asked to perform background checks for these reasons.  However, private investigators can also perform more substantial background investigations, for example:

  • to assist companies to determine if a particular employee should be granted a promotion or prior to making a decision to terminate an employee;
  • prior to entering into a substantive business dealing, a company may wish to undertake due diligence;
  • families may wish to conduct a background check on a prospective caregiver;
  • individuals may require background checks to screen a potential tenant or an investment/business partner.

In addition, companies may wish to conduct a proper pre-employment background check on prospective employees for a number of reasons, such as ensuring they are not endangering themselves, other employees, customers, clients, property, and the company’s overall reputation. This should in turn, provide employers with some peace of mind.


Overall, employee background checks help ensure the employer has completed their due diligence in the hiring process by avoiding potential liability, as candidates may look good “on paper”, however their information could be falsely fabricated. For example, a candidate’s educational history might appear as though they are highly qualified and best suited for the role, though a thorough education verification check should be completed to confirm and verify the legitimacy and truthfulness.


Lastly, pre-employment background checks have a financial benefit to employers. A thorough pre-employment background check could result in a lower turnover rate and engaged workforce as it can limit lawsuits from negligent hiring claims, workplace harassment or violence, and the overall cost for HR to recruit, rehire and train a new employee. In addition, criminal background and credit checks are important for employers to safeguard the organization against fraud and theft. 


Both  background checks  and investigations should be conducted with a thorough understanding of the laws that govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.  Privacy laws require that information should only be used for the purposes collected and subject to appropriate safeguards.  In some jurisdictions, consent of the individual may be required. A private investigator at IGI can use many resources and methods to conduct background checks and provide a more comprehensive, evidence and fact-based inquiry.

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By Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc. 
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